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Antarctica Yacht Charter

An Antarctica Yacht Charter takes you to one of the world’s most fascinating destinations to visit by luxury expedition yacht. You will see Humpback Whales, Leopard Seals, Orcas, herds of Penguins, and icebergs of every shade of blue. It is like it was taken right out of National Geographic!

Fly into South America and depart on your yacht charter from either Ushuaia in Argentina or Punta Arenas in Chile. Sail through Drake Passage to the Shetland Islands at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, a voyage of over 600 miles. You can also skip the long sail altogether and fly directly to Antarctica.

In Antarctica, you will explore stunning places like Vulcanic Deception Island and the famous Port Lockroy. Look forward to zodiac tours, sea kayaking, wild shore excursions, helicopter tours and, for the brave, even deep-sea diving.

In the Footsteps of Our Greatest Explorers!

Best Destinations

A red sailboat anchored in a calm bay with icy waters scattered with small ice floes, set against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains in the Antarctic Peninsula.

“Being on a dead, silent, drifting vessel surrounded by bubble-net-feeding Humpback Whales is an experience that I will never forget. Watching Orcas hunt their unlucky prey, drifting past Leopard Seals lounging on ice flows, and just the pure beauty and uniqueness of each and every iceberg are all amazing experiences.”

Yacht Skipper & Conservationist Simon Pamor MSc,
Owner of Effective Conservation Outcomes

The image you've shown is of Port Lockroy, a historic site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antarctica. Port Lockroy is situated on Goudier Island, off the Antarctic Peninsula. It features the famous

Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is a must-visit on an Antarctic yacht charter, famous for its historical significance (Home to Base A, established in 1944 as part of a British Secret mission during World War II) and its old research station (closed in 1962), which has now been turned into a museum. Port Lockroy is also home to a large colony of Gentoo penguins, attracting researchers who come to study the impact of tourism on wildlife.

When you are here, do not miss the opportunity to send a postcard to your family or friends from the world’s southernmost post office!

Enterprise Island

This is a unique anchorage where you tie up alongside a sunken hulk of an old whaling ship (The Guvernøren —a ship that was deliberately run aground after a fire broke out). This area has stunning scenery and is the perfect spot for a zodiac tour or sea kayak. From the water, you can spot old whaling relics, such as old small support vessels and shore tie-off points.

Five Adélie penguins leaping into the turquoise waters of the Antarctic Peninsula from a small, bright blue iceberg.

Hovgaard Island

Also known as Florence Island, this is a tiny anchorage with a very complex entry. The captain needs to reverse the yacht in and around a rock in a very narrow channel, drop the anchor as they are reversing and turning, and then 4 shore lines must be run to keep the vessel secure. Once in, you are tucked away in a perfect keyhole with a jaw-dropping backdrop of stunning mountains and snowy Islands. Zodiac tours introduce you to Penguins, Leopard Seals, Sea-birds, Humpback Whales, and Orca (But to be fair, you are almost certain to encounter these animals all over the Peninsula!)

A small red sailboat anchored at Deception Island, with dramatic black and white snowy hills rising in the background.

Deception Island

Deception island offers a very different landscape to the rest of the Peninsula due to its volcanic (active) history. The entrance through the narrow Neptunes Bellow’s is jaw-dropping, and once in, there are old relics to explore. Our favorite anchorage is a small cove in the Northwest with a narrow entrance.

Cruise Ship Crowds

There are a few ‘big ticket’ attractions where larger cruise ships disgorge herds of tourists, such as Port Lockroy, King George Island, and the larger/more accessible penguin colonies (and, of course, the Lemaire Channel). Visitation is well managed through the IAATO vessel management and booking system, so you can rest assured that you won’t be trampled by an unexpected herd of humans.

A large red and black cruise ship anchored near the Antarctic coast, with passengers in a small zodiac boat nearby, surrounded by icy blue waters and snow-covered landscapes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Antarctica?

You have two options: Your first option is to fly directly to the Antarctic Peninsula, arriving at Teniente R. Marsh Airport, located on King George Island in the South Shetland Islands, and meet your charter there. Or you can make the approximately 600-mile-long passage from South America. Note that there are options for sailing in and flying out or the other way around.

If you want to make the passage there; most yacht charters to Antarctica depart from Ushuaia in Argentina, often referred to as the “Gateway to Antarctica,” or Punta Arenas in Chile. It is also in Punta Arena that you will find you will depart from if you decide to fly.

How Much is an Antarctica Charter?

We offer a wide range of yacht charter deals in Antarctica, with prices starting from around $50,000 per week and rising to more than a million for the most luxurious expedition vessels. When you inquire with us, provide details of your budget, group size, desired itinerary, time frame, and special requirements, and we will help you find a match that fits your criteria.

Zodiac Tour among the Icebergs on the Antarctic Peninsula

When is the Best Time to Go?

The yacht charter season in Antarctica generally runs from November to March. This period coincides with the Southern Hemisphere’s summer when the conditions on the continent are the most favorable. During this period, temperatures are relatively warmer, daylight is nearly continuous, and reduced sea ice improves coastal access, making it ideal for observing wildlife. In contrast, the winter months from April to October present extreme challenges, including extreme temperatures, minimal daylight, and extensive sea ice, making the continent largely inaccessible for tourism.

November – March

This graph displays the average, maximum, and minimum temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula throughout the year, with months arranged so January is in the middle. The temperatures are shown as lines: average temperatures in orange, maximum temperatures in green, and minimum temperatures in blue. The charter season from November to March is highlighted with a light blue vertical fill, emphasizing the period of increased tourist activity. The graph includes a grid for easier reading of temperature values, marked on the vertical axis in degrees Celsius, and abbreviated month names on the horizontal axis.

Will I be able to See the Southern Lights?

The Aurora Australis is best viewed during the Antarctic winter months due to the prolonged darkness and clearer skies. During the charter season, which coincides with the Antarctic summer, the chances of seeing the Southern Lights decrease significantly. During these months, you have almost 24 hours of daylight, making it very difficult to observe the auroras. If seeing the Southern Lights is a significant goal for your trip, consider scheduling your yacht charter during the very beginning or end of the charter season when the nights are a little longer.

The image showcases the stunning Aurora Australis, commonly known as the Southern Lights, casting a brilliant display of green and blue lights across a star-studded night sky. The silhouette of a rugged, dark mountainous landscape adds dramatic contrast to the luminous celestial phenomenon. This natural light display occurs in the high-latitude regions around the Antarctic and is caused by the interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field with charged particles from the sun. The scene captures the ethereal beauty of one of nature's most spectacular shows, visible in the polar regions of the Southern Hemisphere.

What Should I Know Before Going?

You are on your way to one of the world’s most rural and harsh areas, so proper preparation is essential. But don’t worry; we will tell you everything you need to know for your Antarctica yacht charter. Our top advice is to listen to your captain at all times! From what to pack (yes, you do need a second pair of dry gloves!) to how to go about observing wildlife (stay quiet and leave them their distance!), your captain is the expert here – use their knowledge to your advantage!

The Antarctic is a wild place. Even if we are lucky enough to visit these areas with a touch of luxury, there will be aspects of your trip that are out of the control of your guides, crew, and captain. The weather is all mighty down there, and she dictates the schedule and itinerary of your yacht charter. Let go and enjoy being at her mercy. There’s no bad weather, just different experiences.

Contact us today and start your journey to the end of the world!

WILDLIFE   Some of What You Can Expect to See on Your Antarctica Yacht Charter

Everyone is going to see and observe different things and have different experiences. On some trips, you might see more Orca hunts and breaching Humpbacks than you could possibly have imagined, and on other trips, you may not. Don’t compare your yacht charter to others, but appreciate that you are experiencing a truly unique experience.

A humpback whale's tail emerges from choppy waters against a backdrop of distant icy mountains under a soft pink and blue sky in the Antarctic.

Humpback Whales

Close-up of a leopard seal opening its mouth wide, revealing sharp teeth, set against a blurry background of a snowy Antarctic shoreline.

Leopard Seals

Four Pinguins standing side by side touching wings at the edge of the water in Antarctica


Orca poking out of the water in Antarctica


Please Keep in Mind:

Human visitation to Antarctica presents very real biosecurity risks, as people can spread diseases (such as Avian Influenza) from place to place. In addition, not following wildlife observation guidelines and protocols can disrupt animals and impact their routines, including courtship, breeding, feeding, etc. People often set out with good intentions, but when they are amongst the prolific (and endlessly entertaining) wildlife, they either think that they are special and the rules don’t apply to them when they want to get their photo, or they forget and inadvertently go astray. These missteps have real impacts on the areas we visit. Remember, we have an obligation to follow the visitation guidelines and behave responsibly.

Yacht Charters in Antarctica



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10+ cabins
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Built: 1971
200 Litres/Hr


Keros Island

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Visit Antarctica, the world’s most rural destination, onboard your own private charter yacht. Choose between smaller expedition sailing yachts or large luxury yacht charters. We will help you find the perfect Antarctica yacht for your life’s biggest adventure! Check our 5-star client reviews on Trustpilot and Contact one of Our Expert Charter Brokers.


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Chris was incredibly helpful in our first charter experience every step of the way. He helped us select the right boat, walked us through all the options available to us and helped ensure that we had an incredibly memorable experience. Thank you to the entire team for making our New Years celebration once in a lifetime! We are already looking forward to planning our next charter through DMA.

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